Jessica Hutchinson

Chief Operating Officer / Partner
“I love feeling like I’ve accomplished something. That I’m always growing in my profession. That nothing is stagnant.”

Jessica’s first success on the web was during her internship at a travel agency. She designed a button that would change color on hover. It was very exciting.

Times have changed. Now, Jessica maintains order — and pretty much everything else — as a Chief Operating Officer at Blend. She’s got a finger on everything that happens at Blend. And if you need an update on sales in Target’s Cartwheel app, she can help there, too.

She didn’t start on the web — it was a happy accident, as her advertising and marketing degree slowly put her into a position to embrace the changing landscape of communication. Jessica still holds tight to the traditional, though — go ahead, ask her about the dive bars of Sioux Falls and be prepared to learn a thing or two.

Years of working at her parents’ restaurant, maintaining the pool table and serving guests, has prepared her for this, you could say. So maybe times haven’t changed as much as we once thought.

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Blend Interactive Welcomes New Partners

  • Oct. 23 2017

Blend Interactive is excited to announce an expansion in its ownership, with the addition of Jessica Hutchinson and Joshua Folkerts as partners in the company.

Blend Employees Head Back to School

  • Mar. 06 2017

Stint as Junior Achievement volunteers sends four Blend employees back to the classroom. 

Two Blend Women Nominated for EmBe’s Tribute to Women

  • Apr. 22 2016

CEO Karla Santi and production director Jessica Hutchinson were among 93 people nominated for this year’s EmBe Tribute to Women, with Karla taking home the Sylvia Henkin Mentoring Award.