Jackson Murtha

Systems Architect
“My favorite color is clear/invisible. Without that color we wouldn’t be able to see any of the other colors. I’ve had this answer since kindergarten. ”

There’s a sticker on his desk that says “Automate all the things.” The “all” in that sentence is telling — Jackson’s coverage at Blend touches all parts of the web process. He wrangles servers. He does IT set-up and coordination. He even gets to do some development from time to time. He craves efficiency, stability, reproducibility, consistency.

That he can’t pin down his job in one simple description shows his thirst for solving problems. His work at Blend, he says, strongly resembles his free time activities.

Those activities have been with him for a long time. Jackson’s the kind of guy who will drop out of a computer science course because he doesn't like the required compiler. He’s also the one who will write applications for the college radio station because there was no budget to buy them.

His musical taste is unusual. Minimalist. Experimental classical and electronica. Post-this and post-that’s galore. You can’t group his tastes within one genre — that's the old DJ coming out again — but that shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s just another thing about him you can’t pin down.

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