Jack Donovan

“Trial by fire. It’s a good way to learn.”

When Jack was 3 or 4, his mom spent a good amount of time helping him learn how to ride his bike. Things weren’t going well. Just as frustrations were at their highest, his mom went inside to take a break … at which point Jack tried one last time and was successful.

Determination is an important skill in development, and it's especially important when you're making a place in the industry. From Blend’s Little Internship Program (BLIP) to a full time devleoper, you could say that Jack was meant to learn by doing, taking part in programming classes during high school and taking it upon himself to improve by learning new skills through Code Academy.

His biking career has come a long way from his training wheel days. Now he is deep in the numbers of bike nerdom from comparing bike geometry (you know stuff like bottom bracket drop on a gravel bike compared to a cyclocross bike) to testing out his speed on a crit course.

Looks like his development career has done the same. The training wheels are off and we're ready to ride.