Chad Thoreson

Quality Assurance Practice Manager
“I want to go to Japan. There’s a restaurant where a monkey serves you your food.”

There’s one thing that Chad believes makes the web industry so great: being a community and helping each other out. We build on the shoulders of those who come before us, and it’s on these shoulders that Chad looks to make great things happen — and pay it forward when the time is right.

Sometimes, though, paying it forward means tapping into Chad’s secret skill: the art of the Dad joke. There’s no modern art trappings for this QA Practice Manager — it’s straight up puns and wordplay, to the point that some can predict it and begin shaking their heads in disgust before the quip has left Chad’s mouth.

It’s this kind of levity and honesty that has led Chad from his degree in web design to becoming a full-out PHP developer, trading the graphical for the functional, trying every day to do the nearly impossible: molding and shaping a CMS toward something that perfectly serves a user’s needs.

He’s first in line to help tear down some boxes. He’s a constant at the group development tables. Most of all, though, he’s always looking to pay it forward. Even if the puns get a bit unbearable.

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Always Be Learning: 2016 South Dakota Code Camp Report

  • Nov. 15 2016

More than a hundred local developers — including a contingent from Blend Interactive  came together recently to participate in the 2016 South Dakota Code Camp.