Ashley Bott Schmidt

Market Development Manager
“The most important things I learned in college were how to effectively balance time, how to get from Brookings to Sioux Falls in 40 minutes, and that a Bloody Mary can cure just about anything.”

It takes the right person to fess up to their childhood hobbies. And then there’s Ashley, who embraces them: reading; trying (and never succeeding) to land a backflip on a trampoline; LARPing scenes from The Lord of the Rings with her brother and neighborhood friends. (In her words, “My milkshake definitely wasn’t bringing any boys to the yard.”)

Here at Blend, there’s still a bit of performance in what she does as Market Development Manager. There’s the improv-like interpretation of data and trends. There’s the lead role of managing new opportunities and Blend's marketing efforts. So while the rest of us are helping create cool digital things for other people, Ashley’s here doing the same things for us.

She’s got a background in communications (certified at South Dakota State University; honed interacting with patrons at Cubby’s in Brookings) and a heart for the arts. And to top it all off, she’s a certified Health and Nutrition Consultant, which comes in handy when Souper Tuesdays roll around. And, she’s still reading Sci-Fi novels. No word on those backflips, though.

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