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Umbraco — an open-source .NET content management system — is designed to provide a free and open content management envirionment with an intuitive editing experience.

And, Umbraco is backed by a strong ecosystem of professional and skilled developers, which means there are very few problems that can't be addressed by someone who's been there before.

We're so excited about Umbraco that Deane has been a featured speaker at the last two Codegardens — the unofficial global Umbraco conference — in Copenhagen.

We’re always adding new case studies to the site. Until then, contact us to learn more about our work with Umbraco.

Deane at Codegarden 2019

After a successful talk at last year’s Codegarden, the unofficial global Umbraco conference, Blend Interactive's own Consulting Analyst Deane Barker took the main stage at Codegarden 2019 in Copenhagen with his talk “The Future Might Be Distributed.” Learn more about Deane's work in the field of content management, his book about web content management, and his blog, Gadgetopia.

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