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eZ Systems was founded in 1999 with one idea: people who work together and share experiences and ideas can accomplish great things.  

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Blend has been an Advanced Plus eZ Solution partner since 2005, and chief technology officer Joe Kepley is a member of the Community Project Board.  

Fueled by more than 15 years of organic growth as an open source provider, eZ’s ecosystem contains more than 45,000 users, 80 business partners, and 500 enterprise customers.

We’re always adding new case studies to the site. View the eZ System case studies below to learn more about some of our projects.

200+ Sites, All Customized and Accessible

One project, one major redesign, over 200 websites: how to use little updates to make big changes.

  • Client: ClubCorp
  • Industry: Organizations

Years of Partnership Realized

Building a site—and a partnership—over five years of work, across dozens of projects.

  • Client: First Church of Christ, Scientist
  • Industry: Organizations

A Design Refresh for an Accessible Time

Old friends, long-time clients, and a new identity for their new direction: how we helped refresh the vision of Face It Together.

  • Client: Face It TOGETHER
  • Industry: Healthcare