Overcoming Challenges in Higher Education Content Management Projects

Simply put, higher education institutions are among the most challenging organizations when attempting to implement web content management. This white paper outlines some of those challenges — and solutions to get things moving forward.

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Every higher education institution website is filled with challenges.

You’ve heard the stories. Too many editors. Not enough communication. Voice and tone spread across dozens of subsites. Accountability floats away like a lost balloon, so everything falls on your desk.

Overcoming Challenges in Higher Education Content Management Projects

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The stories always repeat. You know them. We’ve heard them. They are the stories of web content management within a higher education institution.

They are stories of organizational change. Departmental politics. The crawl of institutional progress.

They are stories of frustration with technology, and frustration of buy-in, and frustration of adoption.

They are stories of challenge — the challenge of a higher education content management project, whether it’s an ongoing operational project or a fresh new website. And they are everyone’s stories.

Maybe this is you. Don’t worry: you are not alone.

What is this?

Over 19 years of experience and dozens of higher education clients, we have run into every project imaginable, from a private liberal arts university to a large state-run school. These are the challenges they face — and, they may be the challenges you face.

This white paper collects those challenges, and it offers solutions that, given the right situation, you can apply to your higher education institution. To get the ball rolling. To help stop the bleeding. To understand that, indeed, you are not alone.

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The Authors

Deane Barker

Deane Barker is chief strategy officer and a founding partner at Blend Interactive. He is a veteran of hundreds of implementations, ranging from small marketing websites to massive publishing operations, across nearly every programming architecture and dozens of different CMS platforms. He is author of Web Content Management: Systems, Features, and Best Practices, and regularly blogs about CMS at Gadgetopia.

Corey Vilhauer

Corey Vilhauer is user experience strategist at Blend Interactive, where he leads content strategy, information architecture, and content migration. He is a seasoned speaker, and writes about methodology, empathy, and small-business content strategy at Eating Elephant.

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