Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Blend is expanding its sales and marketing team, and we’re looking for someone to help communicate Blend’s voice, both in sales opportunities and through our marketing efforts.

The Sales & Marketing Coordinator represents the functional coordination of Blend’s sales and marketing efforts, and is responsible for assisting with the sales and marketing process — from creating content to pipeline management. You will collaborate directly with the sales and marketing team, as well as directly with potential clients.

The Sales & Marketing Coordinator is responsible for fulfilling the following five roles:

  • Manage Sales Content: Assistance — and, at times, creation — of sales materials and content within Blend’s voice. This includes writing and producing various types of content to expand our company’s digital footprint, awareness, subscribers, and leads.
  • Marketing Content: Assist in maintaining Blend’s social media presence, including monitoring, posting, scheduling, and overall making us look awesome, as well as capturing moments at Blend through the use of creative photography and maintenance of Blend’s editorial calendar, including helping to create and manage long-form content on Blend’s website. In addition, creating design assets to accompany content on social media, monthly emails and on our website. 
  • Proposal and Pitch Coordination: Management and coordination of both client proposals — RFPs, scopes of work, and other proposal documentation — and project pitches, including creating and maintaining slide decks. This also includes coordinating team members’ schedules to measure project viability and assist with areas of expertise — including leading team conference calls — as well as defining and explaining project approach, scope, deliverables, schedule, resources needs and budget.
  • Lead and Opportunity Generation and Tracking: Collecting, communicating with, and moving inquiries into leads and opportunities within the pipeline. Ownership of sales pipeline measurement and tracking, currently handled within both Sharpspring and our own internal documentation.
  • Nurture Prospective Opportunities and Relationships: Connecting and maintaining a relationship with ongoing opportunities as they move through the pipeline, including reaching out to stalled or dormant prospects.

Job Requirements

This position requires both an attention to detail and a lot of flexibility. On any random day at Blend, exciting things happen out of nowwhere that we should be capturing on social media. Bernie wore mittens? It's Mardi Gras today? We'd love for you to keep us relevant with whatever is happening in our world while we're heads down building websites. Also, our sales opportunities do not arrive in a steady stream, so the ability to effectively manage priorities among multiple ongoing projects is important.

Previous experience in a sales and marketing support role is required. The successful candidate will possess the ability to:

  • From attention-grabbing ad copy to witty social banter, you should know how to write concise copy that elicits emotion from our audience
  • Consider every aesthetic detail of our social posts and proposals, from images to links to formatting of copy
  • Create design assets for Blend's marketing tactics — anything from social media, digital placements to tshirts and other out-of-the-box promotion ideas
  • Manage and analyze potential projects within the pipeline in Sharpspring, our CRM
  • Organize large RFPs, often consisting of 50 pages or more
  • Coordinate with Project Managers to allocate time from team members for sales projects
  • Write and produce marketing and sales content with the right tone and brand, within Blend’s voice
  • Proficiency in the Adobe Design Suite, and/or Figma. Design tools to give you the power to be creative and carry out Blend's brand online
  • Document ongoing processes (and critically analyze those that don’t work) in order to improve our business development effectiveness
  • Think big picture to help guide and shape the overall sales and marketing practice, from outbound marketing to closing new opportunities
  • Communicate clearly through oral and written means with Blend’s sales & marketing team, leadership team, and prospective clients and stakeholders
  • Stay self-driven and accountable for tasks and reporting, including tracking time and managing workflow with project management
  • Multi-task and easily shift gears
  • Align with our company values

Our Values

Blend believes that our clients deserve our honesty and integrity and that our office culture should reflect those values. We believe in five core values: passion, progress, integrity, advocacy, and authenticity.

Within the role of the Sales & Marketing Coordinator, you will work with the team and our clients in a way that reflects these core values. Passion for building great things on the internet. Progress in continuously furthering your knowledge base. Integrity to do the right thing, even if it means suffering negative impact. Advocacy in providing the right solution even if it's more challenging. Authenticity in never being afraid to admit to limitations and understanding that the right answer to a question is an honest one.

The successful candidate will be able to align with these core values, and in doing so our clients and projects will benefit.

The Perks

  • Competitive salary (based on experience)
  • A formal profit sharing plan, paid quarterly after the first year and based on company profits
  • Flexible vacation policy, paid holidays, and parental leave
  • Group Health Insurance offered through United Healthcare
  • Vision and dental coverage through UnitedHealthcare Dental and Vision Service Plan
  • Simple IRA Plan with employer match 
  • Long Term Disability is provided at no additional cost to all employees 
  • Basic (employer-paid) Group Life and Personal Accident Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and WorkLife Services Benefit
  • Growth and leadership opportunities.  We invest in the tools and training that will help your long-term career.
  • Be Well @ Blend Wellness Reimbursement Program
  • An amazing team of wonderfully driven and talented people

To view our office and learn a little more about our culture at Blend, visit our Instagram page. To apply send your resume to