Interactive Designer

We are not currently hiring for the interactive designer position, but we are always open to meeting new designers in case something opens up. Get a hold of us!

The Role

What exactly is an interactive designer? Well, ours can make complicated websites easy to navigate, design responsive sites and build them in HTML/CSS.

The interactive designers on our team help conceive and execute quality web design projects. In a nutshell, they:

  • Provide creative solutions to our projects - both small & large.
  • Design assets that can communicate the functionality of a website. This includes but not limited to: wireframes, mockups, style guides, etc.
  • Adapt to our development team and immediately fall into projects of all size & scope.
  • Understand the full scope-of-project and be able to contribute ideas, conversation & solutions both internally and client-facing.
  • Create HTML and CSS assets to be used in completing the project.

The Chops

How much experience are we looking for? We’re not looking for any specific degrees or a certain number or years under your belt; talent is talent. Here’s some of what should describe you:

  • Has a strong graphic design background and a desire to create user-centered, content-driven websites.
  • Loves web design and typography
  • Understands the connection between good design and user goals
  • Enjoys working on and with a team
  • Experienced in grid systems/CSS frameworks (Bootstrap is our preference)
  • Experienced in CSS pre-processing (SASS is our preference)
  • Experienced in working with content management systems

Bonus Points

Experience with agile methodologies is a plus, and we'd like to see some experience working in a team, and all the technologies that entails (source control, continuous integration and build deployment, etc.).

Stay in Contact

Again, we are not currently hiring for this position, but that does not mean we don’t want to get to know you. Send your resume and samples of your work to