Internships Through BLIP

BLIP is Blend’s internship program. Our interns work closely with and are mentored by a lead developer on various internal Blend development projects. We are currently taking applications for 2020.

What is BLIP?

BLIP Internship

BLIP is Blend’s Little Internship Program. Blend has a strong focus on employee education, and our chosen development intern will work closely with and be mentored by a lead developer on various internal Blend development projects. 

We’ll treat you as one of our team. That means you’ll see what it’s really like to work at a web development firm. You’ll get a glimpse of how projects flow, how we communicate with clients, and how we collaborate with each other.

Important Stuff

This position is for a developer or a student who is currently studying computer science. A candidate must be a graduate student; a 3rd- or 4th-year undergraduate student; or have graduated from college within 12 months of beginning the internship. Our interns are expected to work between 20 and 40 hours a week during an 8- to 12-week internship period. Interns may receive academic credit if an agreement is made between Blend Interactive and your college or university. Oh, and did we mention this is a paid position?

To Apply

We are accepting applications for 2020. If you are interested in joining our team as an intern, please send your resume with cover letter to

“The best part about being an intern at Blend is that you really don’t feel like you’re an intern. Everybody treats you like you’re part of the team. I feel like I’ve learned more in my two summers as a BLIP intern than in all of my programming courses at school combined.”

Chris Wahl,

“The amount of cohesion between all divisions is truly innovative and makes for a great working atmosphere.

All the work I have done has a purpose, and is used every day! The internship both challenged me and helped me grow to be a better developer.”

Jack Donovan,