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Alasdair Selmes


From an educator, to the non-profit world, to web development: Alasdair’s background is certainly well-rounded. As a long-time friend of Blend, Alasdair started as a part of our BEEP program as he was first beginning to learn web development. Now, after persevering through the ups and downs of being self-taught, he’s one of Blend’s full-time developers.

Alasdair is from the UK, where he taught French and Spanish. After moving to Washington D.C., where he worked at the British International School and met his wife, Alasdair eventually made his way to Sioux Falls to be closer to family. And as he waited on his US visa, he began learning how to code to pass the time. And now here he is!

Outside of work, Alasdair enjoys traveling — he’s been to 40 out of the 50 states — hiking and paddle boarding, producing music, and playing the guitar or mandolin. But we think most of his time is really spent taking care of his not one, not two, but three dogs!

  • Umbraco Certified Professional Developer